A selection of our clients

Bungalow Industries is a design-led creative duo with a strong aptitude for business development. Arising out the combined backgrounds of Scott's graphic design and David's creative consultancy, the company was formed in 2006 upon identifying a gap in the market for a design agency that offered a more consultative approach along with an uncompromising focus on quality.

With a love for design, language and strategy hatching, Bungalow Industries offers a service that enables businesses to realise their potential through communicating in a more engaging and effective way to their customers.

David Weston, co-director, Bungalow Industries
David Weston

David provides the creative consultancy with acute insight into human nature, behaviour and consumer trends underpinned by 20 years managing his own customer-focused business. A talented photographer, architecture buff and trained fitness instructor (with several TV appearances), David crafts campaigns with pinpoint accuracy and pointed copy, and devises effective strategies for building brands. His innate aptitude for property has been key to the success of Bungalow’s work within the property industry.

Scott Mycock, co-director, Bungalow Industries
Scott Mycock

Scott brings a scientific approach to Bungalow’s creativity – as a trained zoologist and marine biologist his work on shark and ray biodiversity and conservation saw him jointly responsible for the rediscovery of the Borneo River Shark (Glyphis sp.B), an exceptionally rare freshwater species. The lure of more creative pursuits drew him from science... he now specialises in communication through graphic design, publication layout, crafty copywriting and website design and consultancy.

"Though we do work extensively in the property industry, the name Bungalow Industries in fact comes from our shared passion for renovating bungalows and a nod to the diverse skills we each bring to the fore.
We are currently at large in a Fahrenheit 451 bungalow."