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    A big Thank You!

    Sunday, November 22, 2009

    A big Thank You to all of you who emailed us after the launch of our site, it really means a great deal and we're delighted it's met with your approval!  With such kindness shown in taking the time to write to us, we'd really like to share some of your comments here:

    "Your website looks absolutely sensational. Just looking through the testimonials and case studies alone immediately makes me want to work with you both."

    "I'm loving your brand: the green/grey, use of clean fonts and soft shadows throughout gives it a really nice consistency, I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Bungalow!"

    "I think your web site is a very fine one. I wish you'd been around during the 20 years I was working variously as brand manager through to international sales & marketing director. It's elegant and adept, and very accessible at the same time. Not the easiest marriage I would have thought. Good job!"

    "Wow! Fantastic site, really different and refreshing."

    "...it's slick, polished and simple to navigate..."

    "...it's so comprehensive and absolutely outstanding..."

    "I think the website is absolutely mega and awesome - you should be just so proud of it!"

    ...and here's a tongue-twisting stream of consciousness to leave you on, from friend and photographer Zoe Barker (currently exhibiting at the Geffrye Museum in London):

    "Well get you and your super-swanky awesomely amazing uber-professional top of the range peachytastic stylish incredibly complex smooth-operating inter-twining website!!"

    —Can't argue with that, Zoe!

    Thanks again everyone for your kind words and well wishes.

    David and Scott.